Filling my Fun Travel Mugs with The Original Donut Shop® Coffee | Flight Attendant Life

    Let’s be honest – mornings are not my strong suit, but lately my mornings have been bright and cheery thanks to The Original Donut Shop® Coffee and Keurig®. Plus my collection of fun travel mugs! When I moved to D.C. to start my flight attendant life, it was rough without my morning coffee. I was so sad, but I had to leave my Keurig® Coffee Maker behind for Caleb at our place in Houston because we’re traveling back and forth between the two. BUT, I can now continue my happy dance every morning while The Original Donut Shop® Coffee K-Cup® pods are a’ brewin! *insert salsa dancing girl emoji*

    Keurig® saved the day by sending me the Keurig® K475 Coffee Maker! I can customize it to brew the perfect cup of coffee every time by programming my preferred strength and temperature. The best part for me is that I can brew a 12 oz. cup! Y’all know Lorelai Gilmore is my spirit animal – I need the biggest coffee I can get! I love a great classic coffee, so I have been guzzling The Original Donut Shop® Coffee! I’m officially hooked on these bad boys. The Original Donut Shop® Coffee is the perfect balance of everything you want your coffee to be: flavorful, bold & smooth. It’s not a proven fact, but I’m pretty sure it even makes my dance moves better.

    My mornings have me zombie walking straight to my Keurig® Brewer after some crazy flights, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I am loving this flight attendant lifestyle. My travel mugs have basically become part of my uniform lately. I love to add some fun color and flair to brighten everyone’s day. Traveling is stressful to a lot of people so I just want to bring a smile to someone’s face by having a cheeky travel mug. Start your day with a little sass, a splash of color and just have more fun with The Original Donut Shop® Coffee K-Cup® pods. (Or two :P)!

    Shop my favorite bright, fun travel mugs below!


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