My Favorite Flight Attendant Bloggers & Vloggers to Follow!

My favorite flight attendant bloggers & vloggers //

I have several flight attendant bloggers that I love to follow. These flight attendants share their crazy, fun lifestyles through their blog or vlogs on youtube. I have been so interested in the lives of flight attendants for quite awhile after stumbling across Stella’s youtube channel.

I always had in the back of my mind that it would be a great career for me because I love traveling and have a goal to never been chained to a boring 9-5, but I never thought I’d actually quit everything I know (my photography business) to pursue it. Well, I’ve officially taken a step back from my photography & videography and gone ahead and took a leap of faith by joining these girls in becoming a flight attendant.

Over the past couple of years Think Elysian has grown SO much (almost 40,000 readers/followers across all social media!) and this career will only take it further. I will have so many more blogs and vlogs for you guys coming this year. It’s going to be a wild one! The sky is the limit! ;)

Flight Attendant Bloggers & Vloggers to follow

Stella from Fly with Stella – This is my #1 favorite vlogger EVER. Stella is so bubbly and fun! I always relate to her and really she has been the one that really persuaded me that being a Flight Attendant could be the job for me. I think I will totally fan girl if I ever run in to her in the airport. I’m obsessed with her youtube channel.

Ebony Christina from The Fly Girls Guide – She is one of the most helpful flight attendants guiding others to getting in to the industry. Ebony runs a group called Fly Girls Guide and she is lets everyone in on her tips to become a flight attendant. She is always up for answering any questions everyone has. She wrote a book on how to become a flight attendant! You can buy The Fly Girls Guide here!

Ale from Wonderfully Ale – This is the most recent flight attendant vlogger I have come across. She is super sweet and informative in her vlogs. Ale is a wife and mom who has such a positive outlook that is really refreshing. Plus her makeup is always on point. LOL!

Kara from The FA Life – Kara recently went from a commercial flight attendant to a private cabin attendant. She has such an interesting journey trying to break in to a completely different world of aviation. Kara’s writing is almost like poetry – she has such a beautiful story and always articulates it well.

Oh, and also don’t forget to follow ME – hahaha! Early this year I will start a 6 week training with a major commercial airline. I am SO excited to go on this adventure and share it with all you guys! I will be blogging this journey here on Think Elysian, but I will also be vlogging so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel! :)


Do you have a favorite flight attendant blogger you love to follow? Do tell! 

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